Jack Chen | CEO & Founder | Loud-Hailer

Jack is the CEO and head of community responsible for driving company vision, strategy and growth. Jack helps natural communities like schools, citizens or businesses to understand how they can use Loud-Hailer’s connectivity tools to establish authenticity in relationships, increase engagement and influence behaviour in the digital world.

While Loud-Hailer has solved the conundrum of digital “scalable horizontal communication” through their BLE-based, light infrastructure solution, Jack leads the team in creating revolutionary ways to experience their communities, people and world around them— the Connected City.

In addition to building and directing the team, Jack travels the country meeting with government, civic and business leaders as well as local residents, to build and strengthen communities with the Connected City platform.

Jack received his BA from Columbia College in NYC and his legal degree with honours from Fordham Law School.

Twitter:  @loudhailing